Mineral Industry
The company's mineral industry is operated by Wanbao mineral Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in overseas mineral resources geological exploration, mining, ore processing, smelting, mineral products trade, mining and related industry investment and operation. Wanbao mineral is actively implementing the "one belt and one way" initiative. It has the prospecting rights and mining rights in many Southeast Asian and central and southern African mines such as copper ore, copper cobalt ore and platinum palladium ore. At present, it has 9 million 500 thousand tons of copper metal resources, 540 thousand tons of cobalt metal resources and 1213 tons of platinum metal resources. 。 At present, Wanbao mineral has an annual output of 150000 tons of cathode copper and 55000 tons of copper cobalt concentrate. It is gradually developing into an international mining company with mining resources, advanced technologies such as exploration, mining, beneficiation, metallurgy and first-class management capabilities.
Wanbao mineral develops mineral products and metal trade around copper, cobalt and other metal varieties, cultivates the competitiveness of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the scale of trade continues to expand. Myanmar's self-produced copper has signed long-term sales orders with large copper traders and processing enterprises at home and abroad; strengthened cooperation with international mining enterprises such as South America and Africa to expand upstream resource access channels; established long-term cooperation with large domestic smelters and metal processing enterprises to actively expand downstream market supply capacity; and carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with domestic enterprises related to new energy battery industry. It is the main supplier of cobalt products in China. The annual trade scale of copper and cobalt products of the company has exceeded 500000 tons and 8000 metal tons respectively.
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