Oil and Gas Industry
The company's petroleum industry is operate by Zhenua Petroleum Holding Co., Ltd. It is mainly engaged in petroleum industry investment, E&P, international oil and gas trade, oil storage and transportation, and refining. It shall actively participate in global green and low-carbon development and energy cooperation.
Guided by China’s energy development policies, ZhenHua Oil has been working to build an advanced business model by strengthening its competitiveness in marketing, technological innovation, project operation, capital management, risk control and global resource integration.
The northern industrial oil and gas industry mainly imports and transships crude oil, fuel oil and petrochemical products, with annual trade volume exceeding 30 million tons. It has established long-term stable cooperative relations with the major oil-producing countries such as Iraq, Brazil, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates, Shell, BP, Dodar, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Morocco, Victoria and so on. It has strong comprehensive trade operation ability and risk control ability, and has won a good reputation in the international oil industry.
Northern industrial oil and gas production successfully entered the field of national crude oil reserves in 2011. 720,000 cubic meters of oil storage tanks were invested and constructed in Dalian Port. Close cooperation was established with major oil terminals along the coast, such as Dalian Port and Yingkou Port. The total capacity of oil storage tanks exceeded 2 million cubic meters. At present, the company has become an important member of the national energy security team.
  • Crude Oil Storage Tank Area
  • Traders analyse oil price trends
  • Cruise ship leaving port
Northern industry is the key component of the petrochemical industry chain of the Weapons Industry Group Corporation. North Industries is a shareholder in Huajin Group.
As a crude oil supplier, it works closely with Huajin Group to ensure stable supply of refineries and help reduce procurement cost optimization.
Refining oil source, increase refining profit. At present, the crude oil purchasing scale of petrochemical industry chain is 8 million tons per year, and it has oil.
Chemical industry, chemical fertilizer and road asphalt are three main business sectors.
  • Petrochemical Project
  • Chemical Fertilizer Production Line
  • Petroleum Refinery Facilities
  • Chemical Ethylene Plant
Epyptian NPIC Project Epyptian NPIC Project EBS Oilfield in lrap Iraqi Ahadib Oilfield Pakistan oil exploration block KAM Oilfield, Kazakhstan
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