Social Responsibility
Responsible management and sustainable development are important values of the North industry. In the past 40 years, while maintaining economic efficiency and continuous scale of operation, North Industries has always fulfilled corporate social responsibility as an important part of the company's soft power construction and made great contributions to the sustainable development of the economy and society. The company insists on integrating the concept of social responsibility into corporate strategy and daily operations, strengthens responsibility management, enhances responsibility in the areas of integrity management, employee development, environmental protection, and social welfare, and continuously promotes the company's transformation and development, innovation and development, leading development, and responsibility development. Grow with the staff and develop together with the country where the project is located to make the people's lives better.

Integrity management

Northern Industries adheres to the principles of legal operation, integrity management, and fair competition, and strictly abides by international conventions and national market laws and regulations, business norms and social and cultural customs. Oppose commercial bribery, infringement of trade secrets and other unfair competition behaviors, adhere to win-win cooperation and create a fair market competition environment.

Staff development

North Industries always adheres to the concept of “development depends on employees, development for employees, development results and employees sharing”, protects human rights from organization and system, integrates the principles and practices of respecting human rights and labor into daily business activities, and safeguards employees' rights according to law. Provide equal employment opportunities and reasonable remuneration packages, improve the training system and HSSE security system, broaden the development space for employees, respect the diversity of employees, protect the rights and interests of employees of all nationalities, and lay the foundation for the company to achieve sustainable development.
Young and high-spirited workforce

Environmental protection

North Industries adheres to the concept of “saving resources, protecting the environment, and sustainable development”, adheres to green management, green management and green office, innovates green development model, deepens energy conservation and emission reduction management, improves resource utilization efficiency, and enhances the natural environment for economic and social development. Continue to support and supply capacity to create greater green space for the sustainable development of human society.
Ethiopian highway

Social welfare

The North Industries actively participate in social welfare undertakings at home and abroad, adhere to poverty alleviation, donate money to help schools, and help the disasters; promote community development, consciously fulfill global citizenship responsibilities, and achieve sustainable development while building a harmonious society and promoting local economy. And contribute to social development. Each project actively integrates into the community construction of the host country, assists the poor and supports the development of local education; participates in global disaster relief, urgently mobilizes various resources in the event of spontaneous combustion disasters and sudden disasters around the world, and provides disaster relief and emergency support for the reconstruction of the disaster area.
Building a better future with the community
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