Non-proliferation and Export Control

China North Industries believes that any proliferation that includes the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery is not conducive to world peace and stability, nor to China’s security, but to the values of the company’s responsibility to the interests of the international community. Completely divergent. Pursuing sustainable development, maintaining a good corporate reputation and taking social responsibility are the company's basic values. The company is willing to become a positive force in the international community's non-proliferation.

China North Industries Corporation strongly supports the unconditional and full compliance with the Chinese government's laws and regulations on non-proliferation export control, and resolutely supports China's international commitments and international obligations, relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and the best international community in the field of non-proliferation and export control. practice.

Effective export control requires the joint efforts of the government and the enterprise. In order to effectively implement non-proliferation responsibilities and fulfill export self-discipline obligations, China North Industries Corporation has established and implemented a comprehensive corporate export self-discipline mechanism, and will continue to improve to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, and control conventional weapons, The proliferation risks of military-civilian dual-use items and technologies, intangible technology transfer and categorization of exports.

China North Industries Corporation adopts a comprehensive control principle on export policies, placing the goal of non-proliferation, peace and stability above commercial interests. In export practice, if the company has reason to believe that the products, technologies and services to be exported may be used by customers or end users to develop or produce weapons of mass destruction or vehicles, or to be safe for receiving national, regional or international With stability, or end-user or end-use risks falling into the hands of terrorist organizations or terrorists, even if such export trade complies with export control laws and regulations, the company will refuse to directly or indirectly by voluntarily implementing strict export controls. Export such products, technologies and services. In addition, Northern Corporation will strive to ensure that all types of dual-use products and technologies are used only for approved end users and end uses.

In order to determine which products, technologies and services, and which customers and end users are sensitive, China North Industries will establish and maintain close contact with all Chinese government authorities, relevant NGOs and non-proliferation export control experts to obtain relevant Information, seek guidance and advice. In addition, the company is committed to scrutinizing all trading countries, customers, end users, end uses, regulated military products and dual supplies to ensure that transactions comply with company regulations, domestic laws and international obligations.

In order to ensure that the company's export self-regulatory mechanism is effectively implemented in the company, the company has established an export control committee and an export control office, and has given export control veto power. Formulated the “Management Measures for the Export Management of Sensitive Products in the Military Trade Sensitive Market of China North Industries Corporation” and the “Regulations of the Export Control Committee”; established a sound organization; established and implemented an export self-discipline information review system, including three Review database: sensitive national database, sensitive customer database and sensitive product database; established and improved strict rules and regulations and approval system; implemented a comprehensive and comprehensive export control document preservation system; carried out internal and external coverage of all levels of personnel of the company Combined training courses; planned internal and external audits; strengthened exchanges and cooperation with Chinese government agencies and NGOs, US and EU government agencies, and international agencies; implemented non-proliferation export self-discipline work and departments A strong reward and punishment measure linked to the employee's annual performance appraisal; signed a non-proliferation export control responsibility letter.

China North Industries Corporation has an export control committee composed of company leaders and representatives of relevant departments. It has an office and is fully responsible for export control. The Export Control Committee is the decision-making body authorized by the company to be responsible for the export control of the company system. The director is Secretary Zhang Guanjie, the deputy director is the vice president of Yang Xiaoqing, the assistant to the president of Li Jianmin, and the members of the export control committee also include the leaders of the business department, functional departments and subsidiaries. The Export Control Office is responsible for the daily work of the company's export control. The director is Cheng Hong and the deputy director is Ji Yanzhao. In addition to the above two export control agencies, the company's various departments and subsidiaries have export control offices or export control directors, responsible for assisting the Export Control Commission and the Export Control Office to complete export control within the relevant departments and subsidiaries.

All employees of China North Industries Corporation must make efforts for the company to achieve export self-discipline goals, actively participate in training, and strictly implement the company's export self-discipline policy. The company has formulated a reward and punishment system to encourage employees who actively participate in non-proliferation export self-discipline work, and penalize employees who violate the company's export self-discipline policy. Violators will face serious consequences, and those who violate laws and regulations will be held liable.

This principle applies to all departments of China North Industries Corporation and all branches and subsidiaries worldwide, and has been or will be implemented within the framework of the internal self-regulatory mechanism established by the company. In order to reflect the latest developments in non-proliferation and export controls, the company will review and revise this principle once a year.

President Mr.ZHI Yulin

President of China North Industry Co., Ltd.

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