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NORINCO Solemnly Exhibits in IDEX 2023, Abu Dhabi
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On February 20, the 16th Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) was grandly opened in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), as the largest exhibitor in the "China Defence" national exhibitor delegation, appeared at this IDEX booth. The main booth and the joint booth of "NORINCO & IGG" covered an area of nearly 700 square meters, thereby hitting a new record in terms of the booth area, in all international defense exhibitions where NORINCO exhibited.

On February 21, President Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates led a national visitor delegation to visit NORINCO’s booth and joint booth. Liu Dashan warmly received the delegation and introduced the Company's situation and competitive products in detail.

Chen Defang, President of NORINCO, met with the foreign delegation.

Liu Dashan, General Manager of NORINCO Group, led a team to exhibit there and met with important national customers, and exchanged views on continuous and in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Chen Defang, President of NORINCO, Ji Wei and Cheng Hong, Vice Presidents of NORINCO, and other top officers also attended the meeting, and heads of relevant entities and scientific and technological personnel of the NORINCO Group were organized to visit the event as a delegation.

Relevant top officers of the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission, relevant troops, the Chinese embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense visited the booth of NORINCO for guidance, and highly praised the brand image, team style and exhibition effect of the Company and further encouraged it.

During the event, NORINCO took "systematized, unmanned, intelligent and localized" equipment & technology as the exhibition theme, and systematically exhibited more than 140 competitive products and solutions in 8 major fields of military trade, in diversified forms such as real equipment, model, video and interactive presentation, thereby fully demonstrating the Company's strength and cooperation experience in research and development, production, service and localization of military trade products, and continuously improving NORINCO’s brand influence and international popularity.

Among them, Tianlong 100 air-defense missile system launcher, VU-4 medium-sized tracked unmanned ground combat platform and other equipment were exhibited in IDEX for the first time as large-scale real equipment, which attracted extensive attention from all walks of life in the world. In addition, VN20 heavy infantry fighting vehicle, modular AR3 rocket weapon system, HJ-9A light vehicle-mounted anti-tank missile weapon system, BZK-005E UAV and other new weapons and equipment were all shown during the exhibition. Delegations from various countries showed great interest in the Company's products and system solutions and expressed their willingness to further communicate and cooperate with the Company.

The 1st Abu Dhabi IDEX was held in 1993. The 2023 IDEX attracted 35 national exhibitor delegations and more than 900 exhibitors from 59 countries, including China, the United States, Russia, France and Israel, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 70,000.

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