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NORINCO attended the 2023 Egypt Defence Expo
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Exhibition booth of NORINCO

On December 4, the third Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX) kicked off in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The 2023 EDEX is the largest defense expo in the history of Egypt. It has received massive support from the Ministry of Defense of Egypt. The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attended the opening ceremony of EDEX, and the commander-in-chief of Egypt visited EDEX in person. A total of more than 400 high-level delegations from more than 100 countries attended EDEX.

Exhibition booth of NORINCO

As a long-term strategic partner of the Ministry of Defense of Egypt and the military-industrial enterprises of Egypt, NORINCO has attended EDEX for three consecutive years. This year, the exhibiting team of NORINCO comprehensively demonstrated NORINCO’s technical capabilities, latest products, and solutions in the fields of armored assault, fire strikes, air defense and anti-missile systems, intelligent ammunition, unmanned systems, military-industrial and military-technical cooperation through equipment models, system displays, and multimedia.

The chief of staff of Egypt visited NORINCO’s exhibition booth

During EDEX, many senior Egyptian military leaders led their delegations to visit NORINCO’s exhibition booth, had extensive exchanges with NORINCO’s participating team, and expressed strong interest in the product systems and solutions exhibited by NORINCO. In addition to the local high-level Egyptian delegations, dozens of official delegations and partners from other countries in the Middle East and Africa visited NORINCO’s exhibition booth. Minister Zhang Tao, Minister Zhang Chaoyang, Military Attaché and Major General Wang Ruizheng of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt visited NORINCO’s exhibition booth and provided valuable guidance.

Through EDEX, NORINCO has fully promoted its military trade product equipment and solutions, which consolidated NORINCO’s market position and influence in Egypt, and further built up NORINCO’s brand reputation.

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