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Congo (DRC) Lamikal S.A. held the completion and handover ceremony of Kalubamba Primary School
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On November 23, NORINCO Mining Congo (DRC) Lamikal S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Lamikal S.A.”) held a grand completion and handover ceremony for Kalubamba Primary School in Pumpi Village, Lubudi Administrative District, Kolwezi. The Director of Lualaba Department of Education, the Director of Lualaba Bureau of Education, the Director of Lubudi District Bureau of Education, the representative of the Bureau of Mining, the representative of the chief, the chairman of the Pumpi Community Development Committee, the community district chief and representatives and more than 300 local teachers and students as well as relevant personnel of Lamikal S.A. participated in the handover ceremony.

Lamikal S.A. highly values the development of local social welfare causes and actively supports local development in terms of community culture and health, road construction and well digging, education and agricultural assistance, and job skills training. As an organic component of the corporate assistance plan, Lamikal S.A.  has completed the construction of school classrooms, offices, basketball courts, football fields, and other infrastructure with high-quality standards, and equipped the school with complete sets of teaching tables and chairs. The school is aesthetically pleasing and clean on the whole, which has greatly improved the teaching conditions of the local community. At the handover ceremony, the Director of Lualaba Department of Education expressed his appreciation for the unremitting efforts of Lamikal S.A. in social welfare causes, and also highly affirmed the training project on agricultural planting technology currently being implemented by Lamikal S.A.. He sincerely hoped that other companies could learn from Lamikal S.A. by actively participating in social welfare causes, and make new contributions to local social and economic development. Meanwhile, all students on site were encouraged to study hard and aspire to become backbones who are beneficial to the country and society.

The handover of Kalubamba Primary School is a good practice for Lamikal S.A. to undertake corporate social responsibility as an international mining company. It strictly implements the ESG policy framework and is committed to sharing development results with employees and the community. Lamikal S.A. symbolizes a vivid portrait of a responsible mining company that makes a difference to local communities. While focusing on building operational capabilities and improving management levels, Lamikal S.A. has integrated ESG standards and requirements such as environment and ecological protection, health and safety, human rights protection, labor rights, community development and assistance, and local employee skills training into the whole-process management of company operations. In addition, Lamikal S.A. has deepened its exchanges with the Pumpi community, promoting closer connections and more harmonious relationships. In the future, Lamikal S.A. will further strengthen its communication and consultation with the community, actively respond to community concerns and expectations, and contribute to the development of the Pumpi community.

Then, both parties visited the school classrooms and outdoor sports venues and signed the school handover letter. Lamikal S.A. officially handed over the keys of all the classrooms and donated a batch of teaching materials to the school.

In the future, Lamikal S.A. will keep strengthening communication and consultation with the community, actively respond to community concerns and expectations, and focus on the implementation of community education assistance, agricultural development projects, water supply projects, and other public welfare projects, thus supporting the development of local communities.

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