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Media Focus | Let's "Continue the Laos -China Friendship from Generation to Generation"
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During President Xi Jinping's visit to Laos, he signed an agreement on projects to assist the Laos with the Lao President. The relocation and comfortable housing village project for the China-Laos Railway is an important part of the projects, and Norinco International Cooperation Ltd., a NORINCO company, is responsible for the construction works of the project. Since the COVID19 outbreak, the construction of the project has been faced with great challenges. The project team has scientific and quick countermeasures and strictly implemented the prevention & control measures in combination with the actual conditions, and carried out the business activities in an orderly way. The construction of relocation project for China-Laos Railway was successfully completed the a few days ago.

The road network has been expanded to the entrance to local dwelling communities; local straw houses are upgraded to new brick houses, and spacious and bright school buildings were completed… not long ago, the relocation and comfortable housing village project for the China-Laos Railway in Bowo Village, Xiangen County, Luang Prabang Province, Laos, was successfully completed. Surrounded by green hills and rivers, on the banks of the Mekong River, these red-roofed and yellow-walled residential buildings look particularly beautiful and grand.

New houses in Bowo Village, Xiangen County, Luang Prabang. Photo by Norinco International Cooperation Ltd.

The relocation and comfortable housing village project for the China-Laos Railway is a part of the construction of the China-Laos Railway, which is aided by the Chinese side and implemented in the provinces along the railway in Northern Laos. At present, the construction of three villages in Luang Namtha and Luang Prabang provinces has been basically completed. In Bowo village, the project team not only built resettlement houses for local residents, but also provided supporting village offices, primary schools, kindergartens, medical clinics, etc.

Lao Minister of Public Works and Transport, Viengsavath, when inspecting the relocation and occupancy of villagers, praised the project for bringing tangible welfare to the local people, and it is regarded as a high-standard, sustainable and livelihood-friendly project. "The last time I came here, it was still under construction. A few months later, the villagers moved into the new houses and the students began to have classes in the new schools. Everyone is very happy. " Viengsavath said.

"Most of the villagers used to live in straw huts. They were always worried about leakage of rain during the rainy season. With the help of our Chinese friends, we have finally moved into sturdy and durable new brick houses." said Bo'wo Village Chief Tongwan, "The village has changed its appearance and the quality of life of the villagers has been significantly improved,"

What makes Tongwan and his villagers more confidential in the future is the China-Laos Railway passing through the village. When seeing the "Lancang" EMU roaring past, the villagers could not help but look with joy. "The railway is connected to China. After that, fruits and rice produced in the village can be transported to big cities and even exported to China more conveniently.” Benyong said, a local banana farmer, believing the China-Laos Railway symbolizes his expectation for the future.

"China and Laos are like one family." In the newly-built primary school in Bowo village, dozens of students read aloud the words on the blackboard with childish children's voices. There are the national flags of China and Laos, as well as the China-Laos railway passing through the village of Bowo on the blackboard.

Primary school students in Bowo village, Xiangen County, Luang Prabang learn Chinese calligraphy. Photo by Norinco International Cooperation Ltd.

"I don't have to go to school on the other side of the river by boat as before. My friends and I are very happy." Zhandi, a grade-5 student, said. Zhandi's new home is near the school. Going to school on food is a convenient and happy way. Zhandi wrote in his composition: "When my father told me that we were going to move into a new home and a new school, I couldn't believe it. Now we have a new house, a new school, a new road, and everything is beautiful. "

On the playground of the school, children are holding a painting and calligraphy competition under the guidance of their teacher Pilawan to express their love for the China-Laos Railway and the newly-built relocation village. "Children are the future of the country, and their paintings and calligraphy works reflect the profound friendship between the Lao and Chinese people. I hope that the children will study hard in the new school and continue the Laos-China friendship from generation to generation. “Viengsavath said.

(From:People's Daily)

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