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First Gold Output from the Gold Mine Project in Nigeria as Scheduled
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The first gold was output as scheduled from Segilola Gold Project in Nigeria undertaken by NORINCO International at 5 PM on July 30, marking that Nigeria is qualified of modern gold production. 

Faced with a lot of difficulties such as continuous severity of local security, construction in rainy season and the break of Covid-19, the project lasted for 498 days from ground breaking on March 19, 2020 to the output of the first gold on July 30, 2021. The milestone goal has been realized. In the meanwhile, production and domestic installations like gold smelting plant, self-provided power plant, impounding dam, tailing dam, permanent living camp and camp for junior staff have been basically set up. 7 blasting were conducted in a row. The production capacity of shoveling, loading and transporting has been initially formed and two shifts for 24 hours have been organized. The above completion lays a solid foundation for the production of the first gold.

The project includes two sets of gold dressing and smelting systems. The main system is for CIP/CIL agitation leaching, desorption and smelting system, the second system for re-dressing and smelting. The first gold is produced by the re-dressing and smelting system. The successful production of the re-dressed gold provides operators with the first-hand information about the mineral properties and re-dressing process and experience on the trial production of the next main process.

Since December 2020, the Project Department has cooperated with the purchasing center to purchase and transport equipment, developed SOP and other management systems as per the laws and regulations of Nigeria and the Employer’s requirements, and carried on preparations such as employees selection, recruitment and training to ensure seamless connection of the whole process from mining to dressing and the project put in operation and reaching design capacity as scheduled. The Project Department held a opening ceremony of shoveling and shipping on the mine in Segilola at 10:30 on August 1 (local time), which marks the official launch of the gold mining project. Thus the project moves from trial to normal production. 

Giving full play to the synergistic advantages of NORINCO Group and NORINCO International, the Segilola Gold Project Department works with AUXIN to produce explosives and conduct blast drilling, and exports Pengxiang automobile of nearly CNY 40 million based on the Group as a platform. Besides, while dressing gold, the Project Department works hard to advance the trial production of the main process and ensures the delivery of the EPC gold mine project on time with the spirit of military industry. The achievements are tributes to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the 90th anniversary of the military industry.

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