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NORINCO reappears on the 2021 Abu Dhabi IDEX
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On February 21, the 15th International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) opened in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. NORINCO was well prepared to be unveiled as China's weapon at the world's largest defense industry exhibition.

In response to the market demand, NORINCO, through real products, equipment models, video images, digital media and other methods, exhibited over 110 defense products and technical schemes in the fields of mobile assault, fire attack, air defense and anti-missile, intelligent ammunition, unmanned equipment, individual equipment, Beidou applications, non-traditional security solutions and system integrated solutions in an all-round way at the scene. These products and schemes fully demonstrated NORINCO’s strength in military trade products R&D, production and service as well as providing customers with system solutions. In addition, the company also set up a booth in the China-Arab States Science and Technology Innovation Laboratory (CEST), with a total booth area of 657 square meters, making it the largest one in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, NORINCO received the top brass from the armies and governments of many countries for visits and exchanges, and the media at home and abroad paid close attention to and followed up the company's exhibition. By participating in the IDEX, the company will further give play to its integrated marketing capabilities to deeply explore the core market of military trade, marking a good first step towards the realization of the development targets for the "14th Five-Year Plan".

As the first large-scale international defense exhibition which has been held as scheduled since the outbreak of the Covid-19, IDEX attracts over 900 exhibitors from 35 national exhibition groups and 59 countries such as China, the United States, Russia, France and Italy, etc. The number of visitors is expected to exceed 70,000. (Contributor: Marketing Department in the United Arab Emirates)

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